Takora Double Panel (13)

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This black and gold necklace will definitely give you supernatural powers, while receiving endless compliments.


Our Signature Collection, The Takora is known for its bold vibrant color palettes, stunning one-of-a-kind designs, with breath-taking frontal angles and depth.

The Takora collection is timeless, artistic, expressive, abstract, and playful.  

Wooden panels attached to leather round cords, secured with metal hardware, & sides are painted

black to create an aged & distressed effect.

All panels are handcrafted from a popular stacking game.


Takora Double Panel Necklace

Miniature Wooden Canvas (1.78”tall x 2.78”wide)

Acrylic Paint and Other Painting Materials                                                                                                                                         

Mixed Media, Abstract, Expressive, Experimental

Metal Hardware

Leather Cord